Foot massage – A reflexology demonstration

Foot massage – A reflexology demonstration

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foot massage 300x225 Foot massage A reflexology demonstration0 Foot massage A reflexology demonstration

A foot massage can be beneficial for relaxation and easing stresses and strains. This video provides a demonstration of a foot massage by a trained reflexology practitioner.

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How to perform a foot massage

The first thing you want to do when you massage someone’s feet is to make sure your hands are nice and warm and have a little bit of cream or lotion in your hands and begin by warming up the foot with a nice,gentle gliding strokes starting at the leg and coming down the foot. This is just a warm-up.

The next step is called fulling. You put your hands on top of the foot with your fingers together and your thumbs under the foot to stabilise and then spread your hands apart from the centre on out. This is a fulling or broadening stroke.

Coming down to the toes we are going to use friction and rub the toes downwards then off the end of the toe with a little stretch of the toe and do that to each toe.
Next we drain the bottom of the foot. This is done with supported thumbs, one on the bottom and one on the top and follow the big toe with a deep gliding movement with the thumb all the way down to the heel. This is repeated with each toe.

You have over 7000 nerve endings in your feet so when you give someone a foot massage it can be very relaxing and really soothe their nervous system.

Next the foot is stretched back towards the leg, just a gentle stretch, hold for a few seconds then stretch the foot down towards the table.

Now we work on the top of the foot with some deep glides and then with some nice finishing gliding strokes hold the ankle and give the leg a nice stretch.

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