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4little1 Sleepytime Room Aroma

Makes baby’s bedtime a blissful experience

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4little1 Sleepytime Room Aroma

  • Safe from birth
  • Gorgeous aroma soothes and calms
  • Only pure calming essential oils
  • Just a few drops needed

Put a few drops of our unique room aroma into a bowl of water in the nursery at bedtime or use a burner and you’ll be able to see the soothing effect on your baby. Sleep expert Jo Tantum says baby will come to recognise the fragrance as part of his bedtime routine – and you’ll feel pretty relaxed too.

It makes a lovely pure air freshener for general relaxation. And stressed parents can put a few drops in their bath to help them relax when baby is finally asleep.

So what do we put in it?

Sleepytime Room Aroma is a unique blend of pure and natural essential oils, specially formulated to be safe for your little one from birth. There’s lavender, which induces calmness and gentle relaxation. Roman chamomile – part of the daisy family – has excellent soothing properties while Petitgrain has a tranquil effect on the mind and can take any upset away. Frankincense also induces a sense of calm and is known for its capacity to promote mental relaxation while fighting off stress. Put them all together and you have a magical blend which smells fantastic. And not only is it great for babies but it’s pretty effective for tired mums and dads too.

How you should use it

Sleepytime Room Aroma comes in a little dropper bottle so it’s impossible to waste any.

Once you’ve got the nursery ready by making the room dark and quiet, simply diffuse a few drops into a bowl of warm water – or use the fragrance burner you got for Christmas – and let the beautiful smells of the essential oils blend do their stuff. By the time your little one has had his bath and his massage and his last feed of the day, he’ll be well and truly on his way to the land of Nod!

10 Steps to Sleepytime

  1. Go into the baby’s room and pop a few drops of Sleepytime Room Aroma into a bowl of warm water. It will fill the nursery with the smell of lavender and other calming essential oils.
  2. Get the bath ready with tepid water and either add Sleepytime Hair and Body Wash to the bathwater or use a tiny amount in your hands, then wash your baby from top to bottom.
  3. Carry your baby into a darkened nursery and lie him on a dry towel or changing mat (remember some changing mats can be really cold on baby’s bare skin) before massaging him with Sleepytime Organic Massage Oil.
  4. Dress your baby in PJ’s and a sleeping bag depending on the temperature. Younger babies love being swaddled in a light natural material and our Sweet Pea Swaddle is perfect.
  5. Pick your baby up and give him a kiss and a cuddle.
  6. Talk softly, older babies will enjoy a story time and this will remain part of his bedtime routine for many years. Even young babies enjoy the rhythm of words.
  7. Give your baby his last feed of the day in the nursery.
  8. Wind, talking quietly and reassuringly.
  9. Lay him down, in his cot or Moses basket. Pat him gently.
  10. Say goodnight and come out of the room.


Q: Is the room aroma OK to use from birth?

It certainly is. The blend of essential oils has been formulated with relaxation in mind and it’s beneficial to even newborn babies – and their stressed parents too!

Q: Do I need to buy any special equipment to use the Sleepytime range?

Absolutely not. There are some things you CAN buy for the nursery, for example, that may help establish a good bedtime routine for your little one – such as a blackout blind – but otherwise you need only your hands, a smile and a bowl of warm water!

Q: Do I need to use all of the products to make it work?

No, the choice is yours! A consistent bedtime routine has been clinically proven to help your baby fall asleep more easily and sleep better through the night and our Sleepytime Room Aroma, Wash and Massage oil make a lovely bedtime ritual. Each product is fabulous in its own right with calming essential oils – they can be included in whatever method you find works for your baby.

Q: Can I use the Room Aroma even when my baby has a nap during the day?

Of course you can. You can use it whenever you want, safe in the knowledge that it will make the baby feel relaxed and the whole house smell gorgeous. And if you got a fragrance burner for Christmas, you can also use it for the Sleepytime room aroma.

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