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mac+peaches+blush How to Apply Blush| MAC Peaches Blush
Blush was never my thing before. It was just Eyeliner and Lipsticks all the time! I knew what Blush does and probably might have used one long time ago but I didn’t. Once again someone showed me what a difference it makes! A slight sweep and my cheeks were looking gorgeous! It gave amazing depth and dimension to all-over face! And then I started noticing that almost every “maked-up” woman had beautiful rosy or summery cheeks! I would say, if you apply it correctly, it literally gives a wonderful glow to the face.

I started reading more about blushes and application techniques and what brush to use and all that. I think no one has same face contours or same size of cheekbones. So there is no standard application technique. I even read that you should go light and not for a “slapped look” or one shouldn’t go too heavy on cheeks. But I feel it’s totally wrong to “limit” the color on cheeks; one should do with what one is comfortable with. I believe newbies should exercise caution, but for someone who does make-up everyday, going for stronger cheeks is just awesome!

But again, application is the key. I have found that darker colors look more better on the side, usually the angled-line that starts after the apples of the cheeks and goes little below the temples of the head. Apple of the cheeks, should be really lighter than side areas, and blending is another key here.
I have seen bold colors in corals, reds, browns look really good on confident people! But they usally do “light” lips or “light eyes” with that makeup. Also the paler you are, the more blending and more application techniques are needed for proper look. I would also say, that if your foundation is matte, go for a slight shimmer in blush, it will look so good! And if your foundation is dewy or natural, go for matte blush, otherwise if all is shimmer, it would look too much “chamak-damak”.

So since, I like natural foundation, I decided to go for 1 Matt blush for day-time look and I wanted a light-orangey color. So I tried “MAC Peaches” and it looked wonderful on me! I loved it. I bought it! It sells for $19.50 for 6g. Will probably last for a long time!

So here I share the pictures!!

It’s a true Peach color and pink undertones are almost absent.
mac+peaches+blush+swatch How to Apply Blush| MAC Peaches Blush
It’s a Sheertone Blush….you can go as light as you want to as dark as you choose.

As you can see, its sheer and a nice peach color.
nia2 How to Apply Blush| MAC Peaches Blush
It gives a nice natural color to cheeks and pairs well with natural looks. Also goes well with bold eyes….

Enjoy and let me know how you found the above comments on blush!

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